Always keep the edge sharp.

Aug 18


camille rowe and robert pattison for dior homme by nan goldin

Aug 12

Anonymous said: You seeing anyone?


Aug 10
Hell to heaven ♠️

Hell to heaven ♠️

Aug 9

by Martin Sheaths


by Martin Sheaths

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Anonymous said: Hi hello you're beautiful . How are you so thin? Any diet? Exercising ? Please help me .

Hi love. Well I do exercise but not as much As I would like to. And my diet is a little bit of every kind of food. But if you have the chance take the stairs instead of the elevator. That’s what I do. I wish you the best of luck! Keep your mind on staying active and eating healthy would be the best

Aug 4

Aug 3


Arctic Monkeys // AM // Favorite Lyrics

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Aug 2

What what What up nEW YorK CitY!!!

Jul 22

morbidharlequin said: In a world so far removed from nature, and reality, I think only the dark emotions will save us. P.s. If I may ask, what does "stonesxfeathers" signify?

I thought it was just kind two opposites. Something hard and something so soft. Like black and white

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