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Jul 18

Anonymous said: You should show off that booty some more it's quite lovely, you're so gorgeous I love your blog.

😊😊thank you! Maybe I’ll share with the world sometime soon😘

Jul 8

morbidharlequin said: I want to amend my first statement by say that I didn't quite realize the kind of work your were doing initially, when I followed you, but going through your tumbler, I'm even more impressed by seeing it. And while now feeling significantly less cool, I am also feeling strongly inspired. And thanks for the follow too, though my blog is hardly deserving. Peace.

Wow! Thank you for your kind words:) I’m so happy you are now inspired by my work. Photography is on such a personal level for me and I love to throw deep dark emotion into my photos. Black and whites have always been my favorite to shoot with. I’m very flattered you like! ❤️😘👌👍

ianderson18 said: In a totally non-creepy way, you are gorgeous. Just thought you should know. Your blog is the tits. Cheers

Hell yeah! Thank you!

(via ianderson18)

(via ianderson18)


#barnlife #mansters #choppershit #triumph


#barnlife #mansters #choppershit #triumph

(via ianderson18)

Jul 1

girlzandgals said: Thanks for the follow back gorgeous. Sorry for the small reblog spree. lol

☺️ of course!

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